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use of nasa data for societal applications

SSAI is helping NASA and USAID bringSSAI is helping NASA and USAID bring Earth observations
and other important data online in the cloud-based geospatial platform to support applications
of societal benefit. Credit: NASA and USAID
Established in 2004 by NASA, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other organizations, the SERVIR program is helping countries in developing regions of the world to acquire and use information derived from Earth observation and forecasting models in decision making for sustainable development. The program has a particular focus on improving preparation for and mitigation of the effects of climate change and natural disasters. SERVIR operates a network of regional hubs in Kenya, Nepal, and Panama, with a new hub expected soon in Southeast Asia.

SSAI has supported SERVIR in determining its requirements for spatial data infrastructure (SDI), developing an integrated geospatial platform, and promoting best practices in SDI throughout the expanding SERVIR network. A key result of these efforts is a growing virtual library of Earth observations and other geospatial information available from the cloud-based platform, with online visualization and analysis services that allow users to explore data and combine information layers interactively to create maps of their home region, or to download information to their own computers. By promoting open data standards and implementing application programming interfaces (APIs) for data access, SSAI is helping SERVIR to share its information more easily with other organizations such as the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and World Health Organization. In leading SERVIR’s efforts to transition from owned IT infrastructure to cloud computing, SSAI provides cost savings that allow the program to spend less money on physical infrastructure and more on its real mission.