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Engineering imageResearchers and scientists use the latest technology to gather information about the Earth’s dynamic environment and how its perennial changes affect us all. They also use technology to look out into space, helping us to understand our planet’s origins and its role in an ever-changing universe. SSAI engineers help to develop these technology tools, test their accuracy, and maintain each tool’s ability to gather the accurate data that keep us informed and help us to learn about ourselves.

As researchers study the Earth from the vantage point of space, SSAI engineers make sure a complex system of spectral analysis, imaging, and pointing instruments work together. As these instruments observe clouds, water vapor, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and other physical phenomena of interest, our staff also monitors each component, making sure that the data they capture are accurate.

Looking outward, into the deepest parts of our universe, scientists and researchers make amazing discoveries using technology that looks across the electromagnetic spectrum. SSAI customers, working at world-renowned research organizations, rely on our engineers and technicians to help them to identify components and materials suitable for operation in the appropriate space environment, which they can use to build these probing technology tools. We help to define how these exploration tools will operate and develop hardware and software to control their operation. Once these tools are in orbit, our engineers and technical personnel monitor their performance, ensuring that each component works as designed.

SSAI knows the importance of technology tools in research and scientific exploration. We work closely with our customers to make sure these tools meet research goals and survive the demanding environments in which they operate. Our engineers have a passion not only for developing these tools, but also for the science that they serve.