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SSAI IT Team Successfully Upgrades Legacy IT Infrastructure

October 27, 2021 Information Technology, Technical Accomplishment, Technical Highlight

Until recently, the NASA Langley Atmospheric Data Center (ASDC) IT web infrastructure resided on outdated hardware and operated on an older operating system that was poorly understood and did not meet security compliance regulations. To rectify these issues, over the past year, the SSAI IT team supported the ASDC staff with the colossal task of migrating all their existing websites from a legacy system to a new, updated IT infrastructure. During this endeavor, SSAI IT experts engaged with hardware and software vendors to learn about and deploy the new container environment; and with web curators and application owners to transition the ASDC/SD websites onto the new supported platforms—which included a container type platform or a separate virtual environment. Now, the developers and web curators are able to use a CI/CD pipeline for websites that were migrated to the container platform environment, instead of the more manual process that was required in the legacy environment.

SSAI IT experts engaged with hardware and software vendors to design and deploy a new state-of-the-art IT infrastructureFurthermore, the SSAI IT team improved the ASDC and Science Directorate (SD) security posture through continual system patching and OS upgrades, ensuring that all systems contained Agency specific applications, and updating the security (system) controls and documentation. The team's dedication and hard work was rewarded when an IT Security assessment was successfully completed and an Authorization to Operate (ATO) was issued.

Throughout this gargantuan effort, the SSAI IT team continued responding to daily IT tickets, which serves as a testament to their commitment to providing excellent customer service.