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SSAI Spotlight Nima Pahlevan

March 22, 2024 Employee Spotlights

Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) recognizes the importance of fresh and nearshore coastal waters and their sustainable management. More than 40% of the world's population live near natural waters and enjoy the services these ecosystems offer, including tourism and recreation, seafood, aquaculture, and drinking water. We are diving deep into appreciation for our incredible SSAI team members who are making waves in water conservation efforts! Join us in honoring their contributions and inspiring journeys!  

Meet Nima Pahlevan, Ph.D., Program Manager/Lead for SSAI’s Freshwater Sensing Program. He has been working at SSAI for over 9 years. Before coming to SSAI, he was a contractor at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Recently, Nima and his team on the #FreshwaterSensing Program were awarded one of the NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES) grants.

Also, Nima took time to share his thoughts further below regarding his career and SSAI:

What drew you to SSAI, and how does the company's mission resonate with you personally? 

SSAI excels in providing service to Government agencies, including NASA, which is America’s point of pride. As a college student, I always wished to work for NASA – the dream came true in 2014. As a family-owned company, SSAI ensures the well-being of employees while supporting various NASA science and technology endeavors. 

What factors have contributed to your decision to stay at SSAI, and how does the company support your professional growth and development?

SSAI has been extremely supportive of employee growth by offering scholarships, training courses, publication awards, and internal funds for grant writing, which is essential to a scientist’s success. In such an inspiring and motivating environment, we have been fortunate to win 10+ Government grant awards.    

Can you share a specific project or initiative at SSAI that you're particularly proud of, and how it has contributed to your sense of fulfillment and impact within the organization?

The small proposal support (SPS) has certainly accelerated the Freshwater Sensing Program’s growth, allowing my team members to contribute to proposal development and preparation for various Government grant competitions – SPS is a recently established unique initiative which all SSAI scientists can benefit from. 

Thanks, Nima, for sharing!