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SSAI Spotlight Tyeisha Philson

February 29, 2024 Employee Spotlights

Our celebration of Black excellence continues as we highlight the incredible talents and stories of our amazing Black employees at SSAI throughout Black History Month and beyond. Join us in honoring their contributions and inspiring journeys!

Tyeisha Philson has been working as an Administrative Analyst at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for the last 14 years. She came to SSAI 9 years ago. Before coming to SSAI, she served as a Program Support Specialist at NOAA: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. She brought an extensive amount of experience in administrative, data/technical input, tracking, and presentations.

Also, Tyeisha took time to share her thoughts further below regarding her career and SSAI:

What drew you to SSAI, and how does the company's mission resonate with you personally?

SSAI promotes a diverse work environment. The company cares about the success of the government customer, but also understands the importance of promoting a work environment where employees feel seen and heard. The atmosphere at SSAI is very family oriented. This stood out to me when comparing my experience with other companies.

What factors have contributed to your decision to stay at SSAI, and how does the company support your professional growth and development?

SSAI offers an opportunity to be fully involved with the company. There are several social committees, events to give back to the community, training, and opportunities that support professional growth as well as networking. 

Over the years, I have been able to provide administrative, logistics, and data/technical support for Scientific Assessment meetings in Boulder, Colorado, Les Diableret, Switzerland, Lyon and Chambery, France. It has given me a better understanding of the mission and respect for what SSAI does. Being able to experience this has shaped my professional growth and development. I am beyond grateful to SSAI for these experiences.

Can you share a specific project or initiative at SSAI that you're particularly proud of, and how it has contributed to your sense of fulfillment and impact within the organization?

I can’t name a specific project or initiative that stands out. My daily contribution to SSAI and the Atmospheric Chemistry Dynamics Lab (Code 614) gives me a sense of fulfillment. Knowing that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself will always have a positive impact.

Thanks, Tyeisha, for sharing!