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SSAI-staffed Worldview Team Release New, Popular Embed Feature

July 30, 2021 Technical Accomplishment, Technical Highlight, Web/App Development

The systems engineers and developers behind NASA’s imagery and data visualization application Worldview have endeavored to create the ideal web-based application for interactive browsing of global, full-resolution satellite imagery. After recently releasing a series of well received enhancements, the SSAI- and ASRC-staffed Worldview team have now added a new feature that allows users to embed and interact with Worldview images in any online environment. 

Ryan Boller, Worldview Project Manager and Data Visualization Lead for NASA's Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project succinctly summed up the objective as follows: “People could always embed Worldview and they started doing it on their own, but the full version of Worldview wasn’t made for that. You’d get all of the user interface elements with it and some interactive elements didn’t make sense or weren’t as useful. The embeddable version was our way of encouraging people to use Worldview however they see fit.” Hence, the development of a more customizable product that allows users to personalize their Worldview experience.

While unquestionably applicable to media and science online environments, emergency management dashboards also strongly benefit from the new Worldview technology.  Dashboard curators can embed Worldview images on public information sites, and thereby offer viewers the latest status on floods, volcanic eruptions, and/or wildfires, etc., in addition to other pertinent, potentially life-saving information. Furthermore, as Minnie Wong, an SSAI Worldview systems engineer pointed out, organizations like NASA can use the Worldview embedding feature for both public and personal online enhancements; and it enables Worldview to be used in conjunction with other online story-telling media, such as StoryMaps. 

Regardless of how the embed feature is applied, Worldview’s new addition provides users with an adaptable way to augment their personal online environment with imagery and data, as well as the ability to share these benefits with an unlimited pool of viewers.

For information about how to implement this feature, visit: