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Womens History Month - Claudia Carabajal

March 30, 2023 SSAI in the News

by Jaha Knight

As we wrap up our Women’s History Month celebration, we would like to highlight Research Scientist and SME Manager of the Geodesy and Geophysics Group, Claudia Carabajal.
Claudia has worked at NASA GSFC since 1997, supporting various laser altimetry and gravity missions, interested in synergetic applications of laser and radar altimetry for inland waters, and GRACE time variable gravity products, and their applications, including evaluation of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) using ICESat and ICESat-2 altimetry. 
Carabajal is an active member of the DEM Intercomparison eXercise, Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Working Group on Information Systems & Services and Calibration and Validation and is looking to facilitate DEMs Interoperability and assessments of global DEMs.
Currently, Claudia supports the ICESat-2 Mission Project Science Office as a Research Scientist, on the analysis of CESat-2 Land and inland water products, performing quality assessments for mission planning, and the production of elevation models from altimetry. She also supports the ICESat-2 Onboard Science Receiver Algorithms changes, and their evaluation before implementation. 
A member of the Surface Deformation and Change GSFC team, NASA’s Targeted Observable Study, she is working on Phase I and Phase II Science and Applications Traceability Matrix and the Value Framework team. The team helps guide selection of future science radar missions to obtain adequate surface deformation observations, addressing science and enabled applications needs.
Claudia also supports the Space Geodesy Project and the International Laser Ranging Service Central Bureau under the International Association of Geodesy (IAG), coordinating Satellite Laser Ranging Tracking of scientific and engineering missions, organizing and participating in meetings and workshops of interest to the Geodetic community, collaborating in documentation and ILRS reports, disseminating geodetic information. As Global Geodetic Observing System Secretary, under the IAG, providing support, participation in meetings, and reporting efforts is a part of Claudia’s efforts as well. 
Her Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Network support includes facilitating SLR Operations at TLRS-3 in Arequipa, Peru and interactions with NASA Networks Operation Manager.
Throughout her career, Claudia has worked hard to enhance participation of women in science and engineering through outreach activities in support of missions and applications, and in her interactions with her colleagues.  She promotes diversity and inclusion in all aspects of her work, and in her personal life. She believes in encouraging her colleagues and her group to pursue rewording activities, to enhance their work and personal life experiences.
Below are some images of the work Claudia does for our team!

Claudia has done some fascinating work and we thank her and all our women at SSAI who we highlighted throughout the month for continuing to break those glass ceilings, providing diverse mindsets and skillsets to our missions, and being role models to other young women who are interested in STEM and showing them that they can do anything they put their mind to!

If you missed any of the other highlights, please check them all out on our News page. Happy Women’s History Month!