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Womens History Month - Min Huang

March 10, 2023 SSAI in the News

By: Jaha Knight  

As we continue our Women’s History Month celebration, we would like to highlight Senior Research Scientist, Min Huang. 

Min, who is one of our newer employees, began her SSAI journey in 2023 by joining our team as a Senior Research Scientist working in NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Prior to SSAI, Min worked at George Mason University and University of Maryland as a research scientist/faculty. She received her PhD from the University of Iowa and completed her post-doctoral training at Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)/Caltech.  

“I met with my PhD advisor during my senior year in college and was very interested in the work done by his group,” Huang said when asked what inspired her to choose her career path.   

This inspiring conversation with her advisor encouraged her to apply to her PhD program and from there her research was funded by NASA.  

When asked what it is like being a woman in STEM, Min stated 

“My learning and working environments in Iowa, California, and the Washington D.C. area are highly multi-cultural, with plenty of resources on how to excel as women and minorities easily accessible to me. Most opportunities are open to people of all kinds of backgrounds and explicitly encourage women and minorities to participate, and several organizations and communities are active in helping expand and enhance the opportunities for women in STEM fields.” 

Those opportunities that helped Min along the way are reasons why Min enjoys peer-mentoring with the ‘Women Mentoring Women’ Program at Caltech in her spare time!  

We thoroughly enjoy the contributions Min has made to our team in her short time here and though she hasn’t been here long, time has not stopped her from already making an impact as she already has a favorite project that she has worked on!  

“My favorite projects include my most recent NASA project integrating satellite soil moisture data into Earth system modeling; as well as attributing air pollutants to local and nonlocal sources using multiscale modeling, mismodel intercomparisons, and multiplatform observations.” 

We look forward to seeing Min’s continued contributions in the future and invite you to read our previous highlight on Christine Bloecker, and check our page on Monday for our next Women’s History Month highlight!