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Womens History Month - Tina Harte

March 15, 2023 SSAI in the News

As we continue our Women’s History Month celebration, we would like to highlight Project Manager, Tina Harte.

Tina has worked to provide 28 years of education leadership. She serves as a Group Manager for SSAI, the NASA GLOBE Clouds team, and My NASA Data projects. She provides guidance in the development of resources aligned with national standards to support both formal and informal educators in the area of STEM. In addition to her responsibilities as Group Manager, Tina coordinates the GLOBE Goes to Camp pilot program as part of the NASA Earth Science Education Collaboration with the NASA Science Activation Award, which brings NASA and GLOBE learning opportunities to rural and underrepresented groups across the United States.

When asked what inspired her to choose the route of STEM education as her career path, Tina reflected on her fifth-grade math teacher, Joy Olexa, who influenced her decision.

“She taught me to dream, to feel that I could do anything I set my mind to do, and most of all encouraged me to not allow the stigma that girls were not supposed to be good at math and science hold me back,” Harte reflected. 

Just as Tina’s teacher was a role-model for her, she has continued to carry that torch to the next generation of girls are interested in STEM by serving as a role model for girls who held themselves back because they saw themselves as “less than” in a STEM world. 

“Being able to share my dream and my inspiration with others, working to make a difference in how they perceive themselves in light of STEM has become a driving passion that fuels my work; not only with girls but all underrepresented groups that lack resources and exposure to STEM opportunities” Harte said.

She encourages other young women who are interested in STEM and have had the feeling as if they don’t belong to 

“Never allow anyone to hold you back from your dream, reach as far as you can, and never stop working to expand your horizon of possibilities!” 

Tina is the definition of a role model and a reflection of the kind of leaders we strive to be at SSAI! We thank Tina for her continued service and leadership, and we invite you to read up on our other educational leaders, such as yesterday’s highlight, Caitlyn Dreux

Be sure to check our page tomorrow for our next Women’s History Month highlight!