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SSAI studies the science behind Earth’s complex systems and we’ve been exploring Earth—from the depths of its oceans to its upper atmosphere—for more than 40 years. We also seek to understand our place in the universe by studying the formation and evolution of the first stars. We are invested in finding innovative ways to support our customers in learning more about critical science areas such as global climate change, ocean health, galaxy formation, dark matter, and more.

We work with our customers to uncover the intricate relationships of our climate systems by using satellite data to measure the amount of energy the Earth receives from the sun, and how that energy moves through the atmosphere. We also look at clouds in detail, down to the microscopic ice crystals that make up each cloud, and observe how they change, move, and affect our weather and climate. SSAI supports one of the only ocean platforms that takes continuous cloud solar radiation measurements and we work to improve global climate models to track climate change over time.

In addition to studying data from space-based instruments, we also study Earth’s systems from ground measurement sites, using weather balloons and local instruments, as well as aircraft field campaigns. SSAI employees assist in the entire process—from integrating the instruments into the aircraft to analyzing the data collected, and they have traveled to some of the most remote locations on the planet in search of information about our Earth and its environment.

To follow the evolution of the early universe, we turn our attention to the skies. By looking at 13-billion-year-old light, we study the remnants of the big bang, work to understand black hole formation, and map the geometry of the dark universe.

We work on exploring the important questions, and through our leadership in the advancement of science, technology, and information analytics, we seek to improve the quality of life today and for the future.