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SSAI Builds a City Government Website, Creating a Modern, Fully Responsive Experience that Addresses the Customer's Needs

Web/App Development

SSAI’s Pasadena-based web and mobile applications team has a long history of providing high-quality web, application, social media, and mobile solutions for a variety of government agencies; as the team’s design proficiency is coupled with technology and hosting expertise for creating high volume, innovative, and engaging public facing websites and applications.  Among their many successful projects, the SSAI web and mobile applications team successfully redesigned the City of Burbank, California’s website to meet the needs of the various city departments; improve the aesthetics, organization, and useability; and bring it in line with the latest website technology.

“You all really saved our bacon,” said CIO Kevin Gray, when describing the high-level of professional support provided by the SSAI team.


The city of Burbank’s website was old, non-responsive and difficult to update and maintain; and thus, city departments were moving their content into multiple self-maintained hosting environments. In response, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) requested a new, cutting-edge website that was fully responsive and would give individual departments control over their own content, yet reduce the complexity of the existing environments, convey a common look and feel, and improve the overall security posture for the city. SSAI was asked to build out the new site with an eye to creating a modern, fully responsive experience that would address the CIO’s needs. 


The new City of Burbank’s public facing website was developed and delivered by the SSAI team on an exceptionally rapid schedule. It now supports over 15 city departments bringing critical news, events, information, and support to the citizens of Burbank. 

Over time additional department and city business will be migrated into this one-stop portal – reducing complexity, improving security, and improving communication with the citizens of Burbank through a common, shared environment. Thus, SSAI’s end to end solution team once again provided expert on-demand design, development, hosting, security, content, and social media support, exceeding expectations every step of the way.