What makes SSAI uniquely SSAI?

It’s our blend of the drive to succeed with the freedom to innovate. It’s the passion for life-long learning that never stops asking, “Why?”

SSAI’s success as a science and engineering company is built upon a foundation of teamwork, accountability, and a commitment to fostering the well-being of every employee, both personally and professionally. 

Our goal at SSAI is to cultivate a diverse culture of creativity, collaborative innovation, and sense of belonging, in an environment where all are welcomed, heard, and celebrated in an equitable and supportive manner.

A central theme of SSAI's culture is service. 

Acting with integrity and in the best interest of those we serve -- our employees, partners, customers, and community members -- is embedded in our mission: acting locally to improve life globally.

We know that the best way to ensure the future of the important work we do to study Earth and space depends on cultivating a spirit of curiosity and continued learning in the next generation. That’s why we invest, not only in our employees, but in students and others in our communities -- creating partnerships with organizations that focus on STEM and providing scholarships to give support where it’s needed -- to help strengthen tomorrow’s workforce. 

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