Support for Education


Support for Education

Education and lifelong learning are cornerstones of SSAI’s commitment to its employees. 

  We believe that a passion for continued learning and expanding one's skills is the foundation for the type of value we aim to bring our customers. Our goal is to offer cutting edge solutions, which requires our staff to have the tools and motivation needed to stay ahead.

Over our history, SSAI has assisted dozens of employees in obtaining advanced degrees to further their knowledge in their field. In addition, SSAI’s Dependent Scholarship program provides educational scholarships to its employees’ children, helping to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and professionals.

To further showcase our commitment to supporting education, each year, SSAI provides several scholarships through professional societies such as the American Meteorological Society (AMS), American Institute of Physics (AIP), and NASA’s DEVELOP program, as well as sponsoring local high school students interested in STEM careers and hosting numerous students for summer work and hands on training opportunities.

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