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SSAI prides itself on being an industry leader in the creation, improvement, and maintenance of countless and varied software systems across numerous government agencies. SSAI provides complete software life-cycle services – from requirements collection; to software development, exhaustive testing, and deployment to production; and ultimately to long-term maintenance and upgrade implementation.  Our exceptional software engineering expertise is reflected in countless elements, including spaceflight, airborne, and ground system instruments.


Major Accomplishments

SSAI Staff Develop Cutting Edge Technology for NASA’s Digital Transformation Initiative. 

SSAI staff  contributed to  NASA’s Digital Transformation Initiative

SSAI is tasked with providing NASA’s Langley Research Center with a project focused support infrastructure to optimize management insight and enhance project efficacy.  The project is led by the NASA Langley Project Support Office (PSO) and supported by three SSAI software developers, two of whom were recipients of SSAI’s 2019 Chairman’s Innovation Award. The development team is leveraging prior experience from development of the SAGE III Payload Operations Center (SPOC) to rapidly prototype the Open Project Management Framework (OPMF). 

The SSAI-supported Open Project Management Framework (OPMF) provides access to near real-time project management information across multi-disciplines from authoritative sources. Using Tableau-based graphics, OPMF offers NASA management a dashboard interface of leading indicators of project planning and control (PP&C) information. Furthermore, the site consists of dashboard graphics that include information such as request for action trending, mass trends, peak and average power trends, monthly scorecards, schedules, financial updates, and much more. 

The NASA Langley PSO plans to make OPMF available as part of the business service infrastructure in NASA Langley’s OnePlace - a LaRC website that serves as a one-stop shop for business automation needs. In the meantime, SSAI continues to maintain and expand the existing OPMF infrastructure to maximize use of the tool’s capabilities, including leveraging data from existing OnePlace PSO products such as the NPR Tailoring Application, the Langley Action Tracking System, and the Lessons Learned Database.

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In The News

SSAI Celebrates JPSS-2

JPSS-2 launched November 10, this satellite was developed to help forecasters better predict extreme weather and monitor climate change.

SSAI employees gathered around a cake

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