Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

SSAI has long made diversity and inclusion central aspects of our company culture. 

The question now is...how can we do better?

Our diverse workforce includes people of different ethnicities, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and perspectives. However, we recognize that it is not enough to simply hire a diverse workforce.  To be successful, our employees must also feel valued for their contributions, welcome to express their thoughts and ideas, and have the same opportunities to advance as their colleagues. Inclusion is essential to SSAI’s commitment to creating and maintaining a diverse workforce at every level within the company. 

Equity in the workplace is a relatively new concept, and one SSAI has whole-heartedly embraced; understanding that leveling the playing field is necessary to ensure employees are empowered to reach the same goals, no matter their starting point.

To help promote equity and inclusion from the very start, SSAI's New Employee Sponsorship Program pairs new employees with more seasoned staff.  Sponsors provide new employees with support during their onboarding (and typically well beyond), helping to find resources, assisting with corporate processes, and ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition over their first three months. By pairing new employees with more seasoned staff, our newest SSAIers immediately have a person to turn to, whose role is to answer questions and make them feel welcomed and comfortable. 


 SSAI's DE&I Program Committee is a diverse group of employees who are dedicated to seeking out areas where SSAI can improve processes throughout the company. 

Together, the group is working to:

  • Increase the presence of underrepresented groups throughout the workforce and ensure equitable access to opportunities 
  • Provide additional support to our employees during periods of social and racial injustice and unrest in our nation 
  • Foster inclusion by implementing strategies throughout the organization to promote inclusive behaviors and make certain all voices are heard 
  • Create a “power in diversity” culture – we are better because we are different! 
  • Support a range of employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), voluntary affinity groups that demonstrate allyship to underrepresented groups, support professional development, strengthen business impact internally and externally, and promote commitments to a diverse workplace 

What's Next? We are currently reviewing our DEI Scorecard for the second quarter to monitor diversity metrics across the organization and gauge where efforts are proving effective. Stay tuned for more!

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