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SABRE mission badge showing the NASA WB-57 aircraft flying towards viewer over a background of a curved edge of the Earth below, the acronym SABRE under that and the words Stratospheric Aerosol processes, Budget and Radiative Effects

DLH Water Vapor Measurement During 2023 SABRE Field Mission

May 25, 2023 Data Analytics, Earth Science, Science Research & Development, Technical Highlight

Diode Laser Hygrometer (DLH) measures water vapor at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, AK

Picture of Min Huang, working at a computer console, looking back over her shoulder at the camera. Her name and title, Senior Research Scientist, appear underneath her picture and the words SSAI Spotlight appear at the top of the image.

Meet Min Huang

May 18, 2023 SSAI in the News

Min Huang hails from China, where she grew up in the City of Nanjing.

Headshot photo of Chris Begeman in a circular frame. His name and title, Research Scientist, appear below his picture with the SSAI logo in the left bottom corner. The words

SSAI Spotlight Christopher Begeman

May 04, 2023 SSAI Spotlight Series, SSAI in the News

Our first May Spotlight is Chris Begeman. Working out of Colorado, Chris recently learned that he loves to hike and spend time in nature

Images displaying satellite data

S-NPP VIIRS and CERES Data Synergy in generating Earth Radiation Budget Data Products

May 03, 2023 Earth Science, Science Research & Development, Technical Highlight

Understanding the relationship between clouds with solar and longwave radiation processes requires determination of the cloud distribution and radiation budget

Black and white portrait photo of Crystal White. Her picture is in a frame with stars around it and spotlights from the top. Her name and title, Outreach Specialist, appear under her name and the words SSAI Spotlight are at the top of the frame. There is an SSAI logo in the bottom left corner.

Meet Crystal "Cris" White

April 20, 2023 SSAI Spotlight Series, SSAI in the News

Cris is passionate about being out in nature and inspiring the public to appreciate our state parks and the night sky

Portrait of Claudia Carabajal with her name and title, Research Scientist and SME Manager, underneath. The words

Womens History Month - Claudia Carabajal

March 30, 2023 SSAI in the News

As we wrap up our Women’s History Month celebration, we would like to highlight Research Scientist and SME Manager of the Geodesy and Geophysics Group, Claudia Carabajal.