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Artist depiction of the Dragonfly octocopter on the surface of Mars

Congratulations to the Ocellus Lidar Team!

October 25, 2022 Company News, Instrument Engineering, Planetary Science, Science Research & Development, Software Engineering, Spaceflight Development, Technical Accomplishment, Technical Highlight, Technology Development

Congratulations to the Ocellus Lidar Team for a successful completion of a Preliminary Design Review!

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Female Scientists Inspire High School Young Women at "Girls, Gigabytes, and Gadgets"

October 07, 2022 Earth Science, Education and Outreach, SSAI in the News

A rainy Wednesday did not dampen the spirits of the organizers and participants of the “Girls, Gigabytes, and Gadgets”

Elisheva Pauli, SSAI's October Spotlight

Meet Elisheva (Elli) Pauli

October 06, 2022 SSAI Spotlight Series, SSAI in the News

This month we are lucky to be able to spotlight Elisheva Pauli! Known to most as Elli, she’s always got a smile and an interesting conversation for you

Bradly Hegyi in the SSAI Spotlight frame

Meet Brad Hegyi

September 01, 2022 SSAI in the News

This month we are spotlighting Bradley Hegyi. He's been perfecting his skills in the kitchen and learning how to keep up with a toddler the last few years.

Doppler Radar Rainfall from Jul 19 -Aug 3, 2022

Forecasting Extreme Flood Events

August 26, 2022 Earth Science, Modeling and Simulation, Science Research & Development, Technical Accomplishment, Technical Highlight

Severe flooding in late July led Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to declare a state of emergency early on July 28, 2022

Jeremy Milligan and Maggie Graham

Behind the Classroom

August 23, 2022 Company News, Earth Science, Education and Outreach, Internships, Modeling and Simulation, SSAI in the News

Most people wonder what teachers spend their time doing outside the classroom, especially during summer breaks.