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Heliophysics Research

SSAI scientists and engineers are involved in studying the interaction of the Solar wind, a potent flow of radiation coming from the Sun, with the upper atmospheres of the Earth, Moon, and other planets.

For the Earth, space weather is the science that focuses on the understanding and prediction of solar activity based on complex models of the Sun system, and on the interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field and upper atmosphere. This research carries enormous implications for the safety of astronauts onboard the Space Station and any other manned mission, but also for the routine operation of robotic space missions.

Other SSAI scientists study the variations of total solar irradiance as a fundamental forcing of the Earth’s climate system. To better understand the anthropogenic effect on climate, it must be isolated from the natural variability. Earth’s climate natural variability stems from the internal dynamics of the Earth system and from variations in the Sun’s total irradiance. An important way to assess the various forcings is a clear understanding of the Earth’s radiative budget with all its components, together with variations of each of these components on various temporal scales.

Projects funded by NASA contracts:

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Principal Investigator-led projects:

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SSAI support for NASA missions:

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